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NAA 22 LR Mini Revolver Belt Buckle Improvements

| How-To, Product Info | August 18, 2011

The North American Arms 22 LR Mini Revolver Belt Buckle that we have pictured is very close to perfect. It makes a great carry option that is extremely quick and easily accessed. The belt buckle holds the NAA 22 LR Mini Revolver with a rear clasp that locks onto the included grips. This clasp offers a solid hold and eliminates the cumbersome front clasp the other buckle has.

As good as this belt buckle is, there was some room for improvement. The only issues we improved upon were the small amount of rattle that came from the button and the actual revolver contacting the buckle.

The three improvements we made to the buckle itself are:
1. Placed the smooth side of Velcro tape under the barrel.
2. Placed a small piece of electrical tape just behind the cylinder.
3. Most importantly the O-Ring on the back side of the button. I/D= 1/8″ O/D= 1/4″ Section= 1/16″

We made only one improvement to the grips. That was to smooth out a few of the burrs on the grip notch just to improve the fit and finish.

A few noteworthy bits of additional information:
1. This specific model is still available at some retailers, but it is getting harder to find. NAA has changed the mechanism to use a magnet now.
2. If you have an older model 22 LR Mini Revolver there is a good chance it will not fit properly. Things to look for to recognize older models would be; a smooth trigger, smaller and smoother hammer, and/or cylinder without safety grooves in it.