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Smith & Wesson Governor or Taurus Judge Public Defender

| Comparisons, Product Info | July 26, 2011

For years the Taurus Judge was in a category of it’s own.  This wasn’t because it was so superior to the competition, but instead because there was no competition for shotshell revolvers!

Well a good thing can only last so long for Taurus.  Smith & Wesson designed the first competitor for the Judge in the shotshell revolver market.

Smith & Wesson has a history of quality especially in the revolver market, so what do they do when they design a shotshell revolver?  Well, simply put, they improve upon the existing options.  So what did they do:

1.  S&W Governor is .5 inches shorter in length compared to the most compact Judge.

2.  S&W Governor provides the additional option of .45 ACP with use of moon clips.

3.  S&W Governor most importantly made it a 6 shot revolver rather than Taurus’ 5 shot option.

So should we expect to see everyone buying the Governor from now on?  No, the Judge still offers many more models to choose from.  They offer the Judge at a lighter weight in ounces and dollars.  Their lowest MSRP is over $100 less than the Governor’s.  We also expect Taurus to hit the drawing table and come out with a 6 shot option.

Personally, the Governor does win in my book, but that’s solely on the 6 shot capability for now.

Here are a few size comparisons that we did on the Smith & Wesson Governor and Taurus Judge Public Defender:

One Response to “Smith & Wesson Governor or Taurus Judge Public Defender”

  1. THANKS!

    This was the most CONCISE and PRECISE information on this comparison! It even exceeded looking at technical specs from the manufacturer, (especially Taurus).

    I agree, the Governor is definitely it, particularly since I own a .45 ACP.

    Much Appreciated!

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