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Samuel Colt Original Revolver US Patent 9430X

| History | January 10, 2013

Samuel Colt US Patent X9430 Drawing 1

Samuel Colt was granted US Patent 9430X on February 25, 1836 for the revolving cylinder pistol, or simply put, the Revolver. This design by Colt helped usher in the era of the multi-shot pistol, effectively replacing the single shot devices of the day. It marked the transition from single and double barrel flintlock pistols to a multiple shot pistol.

This patent gave us the famous saying:
“God made man, but Samuel Colt made man equal”

The Colt Revolver in name is nothing more than the inventor and mechanism, but it’s historical impact has made it an icon.

The images below are the Drawings submitted by Sam Colt for US Patent 9430X.

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