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Kimber Solo and Kahr PM9 – Kahr CM9, a 9mm CCW comparison

| Comparisons, Product Info | August 25, 2011

The Kahr PM9 was micro 9 pocket pistol before micro 9 pocket pistol was cool… After the huge boom in popularity of .380 ACP pocket pistols we saw demand for .380 ACP exceed production for both ammo and arms. Take that and throw in our constant desire for more stopping power and you get the micro 9 concealed carry 9mm market.

Let’s be honest though, how many of these 9mm pistols even deserve to be called a pocket pistol? I suppose it’s all relative and subjective and such, but last time I checked most of these so called pocket pistols have nearly the same print as a 1911. Given the choice, I would take a .45 or even a 9mm 1911 design over any of the micro 9’s that don’t fit the pocket pistol description.

Thankfully with all this said, the Kimber Solo, Kahr PM9 and Kahr CM9 actually went with the concept and did a fairly good job. They may border on being small enough to deserve the tag pocket pistols, but right now bordering is better than missing the mark.  We have a quick comparison below for you to check out.  One thing that might stick out is the $$$$$$ section.  The Kahr CM9 gives you a nice little savings.  The differences between the PM9 and CM9 come down to manufacturing processes, but the dimensions of both remain the same.

Make / Model Height Length Width Weight Capacity Price
Kimber Solo 3.9 in. 5.5 in. 1.2 in. 17 oz. 6+1 $747.00
Kahr PM9 4.0 5.42 .9 15.9 6/7 $786.00
Kahr CM9 4.0 5.42 .9 15.9 6 $565.00

9mm Size Comparison Aligned on Triggers

9mm Size Comparison on X and Y axis




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