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Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Pistol Comparison

| Comparisons | August 8, 2011

Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Triggers Aligned Size Comparison

The Kahr PM9 CM9 vs Ruger LC9 micro 9mm pistol size comparison images are rendered with the triggers aligned in one image and set against the x and y axis in the other.

A lot of people requested the Kahr PM9 to be added to our 9mm concealed carry size reviews. First up we put the Kahr PM9 which is the same size as the new Kahr CM9 up against the Ruger LC9. The CM9 is a cheaper alternative to the PM9. You can find additional information on the Kahr PM9/CM9 differences at kahr.com

The 9mm concealed carry pistol market has attempted to do what the .380 pocket pistol market did, and explode. The Kahr PM9 was around prior to the Ruger LC9, but Ruger is banking on the popularity of their LCP to propel it’s Lightweight Compact 9mm sales. So how do they stack up?

Information is based on the Kahr PM9 “PM9093″, Kahr CM9 “cm9093″, and Ruger LC9 “3200″.

Capacity :
All three of these firearms are 9mm concealed carry options. The following is stock setup.
Kahr PM9 is the only one in this grouping to come with 2 magazines. A six rounder and a seven rounder.
Kahr CM9 comes with just one mag to keep cost down. It comes with the six round magazine.
Ruger LC9 rounds it out with a single magazine that has a seven round capacity.

Weight :
The Kahr PM9 and the Kahr CM9 both weight the same 15.9 ounces, while the Ruger LC9 is 17.10 ounces.


Kahr PM9 : 5.42 inches
Kahr CM9 : 5.42 inches
Ruger LC9: 6.00 inches
Kahr PM9 : 4.00 inches
Kahr CM9 : 4.00 inches
Ruger LC9: 4.50 inches

Hopefully you find our illustration showing the size comparison between the Kahr PM9 and Ruger LC9 beneficial. If you have purchased or used one of these guns please leave a review below and let us know what you do and/or do not like about it. Also, if there are any specific size comparisons you think we should create please use the contact us link to suggest which gun illustrations to make available.

If you want more details on these pistols please visit:



Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Micro 9mm Pistol Comparison

Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9

Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Triggers Aligned Size Comparison

Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Triggers Aligned



3 Responses to “Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Pistol Comparison”

  1. I have the Kahr PM9 – It is a great pistol and slips right into a pocket holster. The Ruger looks just a little too big.

  2. I recently shopped for a CM9 (in WA) and they sell here for between $380 and $445 = Tax (9%). I have about 650 rounds through mine and it’s been flawless so far – Although, I have only shot FMJ through it at this point.

    My only [mild] complaint at this point is the mag release button has to be pushed hard and all the way in for the mag to release. Maybe I’ll get used to it.

    They are tight when they’re new, but they loosen up after a couple hundred rounds.

    It pocket carries OK for quick trips out. Before the CM9 I used a Keltec P-3AT for this. It’s a good step up, IMO.

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