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John Browning Patent 580924 – Colt Model 1900 & Model 1902

| History, John Browning | August 24, 2011

This design became the Colt M1900 or Model 1900 and later with very minor modifications the Model 1902. It was the first self loading semi-auto pistol manufactured by Colt and would become the foundation for most of the Colt auto loading pistols. It was actually the second semi-automatic pistol designed by Browning and purchased by Colt, but the previous patent never hit production. The Colt M1900 also marked the introduction of the .38 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) caliber round. In addition to the introduction of the .38 ACP, this design stood out because it was the first with a full length slide.

All of these features are seen in the Patent Drawings. This US Patent was granted to John Browning on April 20th, 1897 under the Patent Number 580924. John Browning had applied for this patent on October 31st, 1896.

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