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Draco MINI AK Pistol, The Most Potent Production Pistol?

| General 2-Cents | October 24, 2011

A few months ago I was trying to think of a more potent production pistol than the Draco Mini AK Pistol.  Considering I am still drawing a blank I suppose I will crown the Draco MINI AK Pistol the most devastating and awe inspiring pistol currently in production.

I prefer not to say, “most powerful”, because you could easily argue the .454 Casull or .500 S&W to be a more powerful round.  However, I have yet to see the 30 round or 75 round magazine for either of those rounds.

I approached quite a few people about this, and continually received a blank gaze as they unsuccessfully tried to come up with something that could rival the MINI AK.  So I ask, is there anything in the ballpark of a Draco MINI AK Pistol?

Things to consider:

Reliability, Accuracy (at 0-100 yards), Power, Recoil, Cost, Capacity, Durability, Simplicity, and Availability (firearm and replacement parts/pieces)



4 Responses to “Draco MINI AK Pistol, The Most Potent Production Pistol?”

  1. i recommend you check out the savage striker/stryker. it’s a bolt action repeating pistol with several magazine options. rate of fire is not comparable to an ak, but accuracy will make the ak look pathetic. dependability and durability are even better than the ak i believe. just my thoughts.

  2. i have come to the same conclusion, what can beat a ak mini draco for jump in a room and take care of business? nothing comes close for price and just bad ass-ness! there are a couple of pistols based on the fal and the hk both in .308 that are more powerful but they cost at least 3-5 times as much money. then you have the ar type pistols which will get the job done with up to 150rd dual drum mag. but then again the cost of a ar pistol is 2-3 times what the ak cost and the round not as effective. i have seen 100rd drums for the ak and 80rd drums for the hk. in fact i had rather have a ak pistol than a full auto sub machine gun anyday! a ak pistol like the mini draco is crazy kool.

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