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Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 ACP Size Comparison

| Comparisons, Product Info | September 24, 2011

Smith & Wesson has done a great job with the Bodyguard .380 ACP pocket pistol. They created a highly concealable and reliable pistol to compete in the extremely competitive .380 pocket pistol market. Doing your best to compare apples to apples you will see the Bodyguard is close to, if not, the best priced .380 pocket pistol on the market. In pricing this pistol you need to remember it comes stock from the factory with a laser.

Here is how it compares in size to the Diamondback DB380, Kahr P380, Kel Tec P3AT, Ruger LCP, Sig Sauer P238, and Taurus TCP.

9mm CCW Comparison, Kel Tec PF-9 vs. Kahr PM9 Kahr CM9

| Comparisons, Product Info | September 8, 2011

There is a chance that the first thing you notice about these 9mm pistol options could be the price difference. What justifies spending, in the case of the Kahr PM9, up to $450 more than the Kel Tec PF-9? Well, that is an extremely hard question to answer. Both the Kahr and Kel Tec are good firearms. The size of the Kahr PM9 / CM9 is preferable from a concealed carry point of view, but even that can be argued based on your method for concealment. Let’s be honest, it really comes down to personal preference on this one.

Specification Comparison:

Make / Model Height Length Width Weight Capacity Price
Kel Tec PF-9 4.3 in. 5.85 in. .88 in. 12.7 oz. 7+1 $333.00
Kahr PM9 4.0 5.42 .9 15.9 6/7+1 $786.00
Kahr CM9 4.0 5.42 .9 15.9 6+1 $565.00

Size Comparison:

Kahr PM9 / CM9 vs. Kel Tec PF9

Kahr PM9 / CM9 vs. Kel Tec PF9 Triggers Aligned

Additional information can also be found at:


Kimber Solo and Kahr PM9 – Kahr CM9, a 9mm CCW comparison

| Comparisons, Product Info | August 25, 2011

The Kahr PM9 was micro 9 pocket pistol before micro 9 pocket pistol was cool… After the huge boom in popularity of .380 ACP pocket pistols we saw demand for .380 ACP exceed production for both ammo and arms. Take that and throw in our constant desire for more stopping power and you get the micro 9 concealed carry 9mm market.

Let’s be honest though, how many of these 9mm pistols even deserve to be called a pocket pistol? I suppose it’s all relative and subjective and such, but last time I checked most of these so called pocket pistols have nearly the same print as a 1911. Given the choice, I would take a .45 or even a 9mm 1911 design over any of the micro 9’s that don’t fit the pocket pistol description.

Thankfully with all this said, the Kimber Solo, Kahr PM9 and Kahr CM9 actually went with the concept and did a fairly good job. They may border on being small enough to deserve the tag pocket pistols, but right now bordering is better than missing the mark.  We have a quick comparison below for you to check out.  One thing that might stick out is the $$$$$$ section.  The Kahr CM9 gives you a nice little savings.  The differences between the PM9 and CM9 come down to manufacturing processes, but the dimensions of both remain the same.

Make / Model Height Length Width Weight Capacity Price
Kimber Solo 3.9 in. 5.5 in. 1.2 in. 17 oz. 6+1 $747.00
Kahr PM9 4.0 5.42 .9 15.9 6/7 $786.00
Kahr CM9 4.0 5.42 .9 15.9 6 $565.00

9mm Size Comparison Aligned on Triggers

9mm Size Comparison on X and Y axis


.380 ACP or 9mm – Sig Sauer P238 or P290

| Comparisons, Product Info | August 15, 2011

Of all the companies that are manufacturing ultra compact .380 ACP and 9mm pistols, it is perhaps Sig Sauer that has made the decision between the two calibers harder than any other manufacturer.

For example, Kimber has the Solo in 9mm, but they do not even offer a .380 ACP.  Ruger does offer both the LCP in .380 ACP and the LC9 in 9mm, but there is a significant size difference.  Like Ruger, Kel Tec offers the P-3AT and PF-9, which also have a very noticeable difference in size.

Sig Sauer heats up the 9mm and .380 ACP debate because their P238 and P290 are nearly identical in size and relatively close in weight and price.  The million dollar, or $79, question is; 9 mm or .380 ACP???  Which would you choose???

As for the specs on the Sig Sauer P238 and Sig Sauer P290:

Make / Model Height Length Width Weight Capacity Price
Sig P238 3.9 in. 5.5 in. 1.1 in. 15.2 oz. 6+1 $679.00
Sig P290 3.9 in. 5.5 in. .9/1.1 in. 20.5 oz. 6+1 $758.00

.380 ACP Sig Sauer P238 and 9mm Sig Sauer P290



A couple semi-large market manufacturers do offer both a .380 and 9mm pistol with similar sizes like Sig Sauer, those are Kahr and Diamondback.

Micro 9 Pistols – Kimber Solo vs Sig Sauer P290 vs Ruger LC9

| Comparisons, Product Info | August 15, 2011

Concealed Carry permits, after the Obama election, were hitting record levels so it makes sense that there would be a big market for concealed carry pistols.  We saw the .380 pistols explode onto the market with the Ruger LCP joining the Kel Tec P-3AT to lead the way until the Sig Sauer P238, Taurus TCP, and Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 jumped into the mix.  A few other players were the Diamondback DB380 and the Kahr P380.  The pocket pistol was a huge success!

However, many people felt the .380 just didn’t pack the punch needed for defensive purposes.  Oh, and there was also that little issue called “A MAJOR SHORTAGE OF .380 AMMUNITION”.  This perfect storm of supply and demand helped to start the micro 9 arms race.

For this comparison we are going to ignore the Kel Tec PF-9, but don’t worry, we will have the PF-9 in a few comparisons to come along with the Diamondback DB9 and Kahr PM9 and Kahr CM9.  For now we wanted to focus on three of the new mass marketed big name micro 9 players.  Thus, the Kimber Solo, Ruger LC9 and the Sig Sauer P290.

There are really so many angles you can take on this: size, price, capacity, etc etc.

We chose to create an image that compares the size and let you make the determination on price.  That said, the RUGER LC9 is MUCH CHEAPER, but also the largest of the three.

Quick Breakdown:

Make / Model Height Length Width Weight Capacity Price
Kimber Solo 3.9 in. 5.5 in. 1.2 in. 17 oz. 6+1 $747.00
Ruger LC9 4.5 in. 6.0 in. .9 in. 17.1 oz. 7+1 $443.00
Sig P290 3.9 in. 5.5 in. .9/1.1 in. 20.5 oz. 6+1 $758.00


Ruger LC9 - Kimber Solo - Sig Sauer P290


Kimber Solo vs Sig Sauer P290 vs Ruger LC9
For additional information you can visit their respective websites:


A Justification For Match Grade .22 LR Ammo?

| Comparisons | August 12, 2011

Well, is there really a big difference between Match Grade .22 LR and Standard .22 LR Target Rounds?  If there is, does it really matter?

YES, there is a major difference, and without putting them head to head it can be easy to forget how noticeable that difference is.  For this example we used ELEY Match Grade EPS .22 LR and a cheaper .22 LR target round that we will leave unnamed, both of which were in packs of 50.

One thing to remember while looking at this image, we are at 50 yards, imagine what this grouping starts to look like at a greater distances.

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Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Pistol Comparison

| Comparisons | August 8, 2011

Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Triggers Aligned Size Comparison

The Kahr PM9 CM9 vs Ruger LC9 micro 9mm pistol size comparison images are rendered with the triggers aligned in one image and set against the x and y axis in the other.

A lot of people requested the Kahr PM9 to be added to our 9mm concealed carry size reviews. First up we put the Kahr PM9 which is the same size as the new Kahr CM9 up against the Ruger LC9. The CM9 is a cheaper alternative to the PM9. You can find additional information on the Kahr PM9/CM9 differences at kahr.com

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Smith & Wesson Governor or Taurus Judge Public Defender

| Comparisons, Product Info | July 26, 2011

For years the Taurus Judge was in a category of it’s own.  This wasn’t because it was so superior to the competition, but instead because there was no competition for shotshell revolvers!

Well a good thing can only last so long for Taurus.  Smith & Wesson designed the first competitor for the Judge in the shotshell revolver market.

Smith & Wesson has a history of quality especially in the revolver market, so what do they do when they design a shotshell revolver?  Well, simply put, they improve upon the existing options.  So what did they do:

1.  S&W Governor is .5 inches shorter in length compared to the most compact Judge.

2.  S&W Governor provides the additional option of .45 ACP with use of moon clips.

3.  S&W Governor most importantly made it a 6 shot revolver rather than Taurus’ 5 shot option.

So should we expect to see everyone buying the Governor from now on?  No, the Judge still offers many more models to choose from.  They offer the Judge at a lighter weight in ounces and dollars.  Their lowest MSRP is over $100 less than the Governor’s.  We also expect Taurus to hit the drawing table and come out with a 6 shot option.

Personally, the Governor does win in my book, but that’s solely on the 6 shot capability for now.

Here are a few size comparisons that we did on the Smith & Wesson Governor and Taurus Judge Public Defender:

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