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A Justification For Match Grade .22 LR Ammo?

| Comparisons | August 12, 2011

Well, is there really a big difference between Match Grade .22 LR and Standard .22 LR Target Rounds?  If there is, does it really matter?

YES, there is a major difference, and without putting them head to head it can be easy to forget how noticeable that difference is.  For this example we used ELEY Match Grade EPS .22 LR and a cheaper .22 LR target round that we will leave unnamed, both of which were in packs of 50.

One thing to remember while looking at this image, we are at 50 yards, imagine what this grouping starts to look like at a greater distances.

So, there is a quite noticeable difference, but the question remains, does it really matter?  Hell, we are talking about .22 LR and isn’t that just for plinking?  Yes, for about 99% (just my guesstimate) of all .22 users, the cheaper the ammo the better.  However, for the 1%ers a cheaper ammo could cost you a lot when in competition or while making friendly wagers amongst friends.  Our recommendation is quite simple, buy based on your specific needs.


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  1. We forgot to point this out; the Eley rounds were sighted on the upper target (kinda obvious), and the standard target rounds were sighted on the lower target, which may not have been as obvious.

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