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.380 ACP or 9mm – Sig Sauer P238 or P290

| Comparisons, Product Info | August 15, 2011

Of all the companies that are manufacturing ultra compact .380 ACP and 9mm pistols, it is perhaps Sig Sauer that has made the decision between the two calibers harder than any other manufacturer.

For example, Kimber has the Solo in 9mm, but they do not even offer a .380 ACP.  Ruger does offer both the LCP in .380 ACP and the LC9 in 9mm, but there is a significant size difference.  Like Ruger, Kel Tec offers the P-3AT and PF-9, which also have a very noticeable difference in size.

Sig Sauer heats up the 9mm and .380 ACP debate because their P238 and P290 are nearly identical in size and relatively close in weight and price.  The million dollar, or $79, question is; 9 mm or .380 ACP???  Which would you choose???

As for the specs on the Sig Sauer P238 and Sig Sauer P290:

Make / Model Height Length Width Weight Capacity Price
Sig P238 3.9 in. 5.5 in. 1.1 in. 15.2 oz. 6+1 $679.00
Sig P290 3.9 in. 5.5 in. .9/1.1 in. 20.5 oz. 6+1 $758.00

.380 ACP Sig Sauer P238 and 9mm Sig Sauer P290



A couple semi-large market manufacturers do offer both a .380 and 9mm pistol with similar sizes like Sig Sauer, those are Kahr and Diamondback.



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