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Ruger LCR vs Smith & Wesson Bodyguard Revolver Comparison

| Comparisons, Product Info | January 12, 2013

Ruger LCR vs S&W Bodyguard Revolver Size Comparison

The Ruger LCR vs Smith & Wesson Bodyguard revolver size comparison image is rendered with the triggers aligned together. Based on the image you will notice they are very similar in size with the Ruger LCR being just 1/10th of an inch shorter in length.

The most distinguishable difference between the LCR and Bodyguard is the grip. The Bodyguard’s grip is much smaller than Ruger’s LCR grip. However, Ruger has offered the LCR with smaller boot grips. It is best that you check out their website for the most current model offerings and grip options.

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Ruger LCP vs Sig P238 .380 Pistol Comparison

| Comparisons, Product Info | January 12, 2013

Ruger LCP vs Sig P238 Size Comparison

The Ruger LCP vs Sig P238 size comparison image is rendered with the smaller Ruger centered top to bottom and right to left. The height of the Ruger (3.6 inches) is .3 inches less than the Sig Sauer (3.9 inches). Surprisingly the difference in length between the two is basically the same. The LCP is comes in at 5.16 inches long while the Sig comes in at 5.5 inches.

The most noticeable difference between the Ruger LCP and Sig P238 other than the price is the weight LCP is 9.4 ounces while the P238 is 15.2 ounces.

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Ruger LCP 380 ACP Pocket Pistol Size Comparison

| Comparisons, Product Info | October 1, 2011

It would appear that Ruger was the first major manufacturer to take a look at the Kel Tec P3AT and realize the benefit and marketability of a small 380 ACP pistol. Thus they released the Ruger LCP to compete in the 380 pocket pistol market. It was and is remarkably similar to the Kel Tec P-3AT.

When the LCP hit the market it was nearly impossible to come by. If you were able to get your hands on one there was a good chance your next obstacle would be finding ammunition for it. The 380 ACP pocket pistols’ explosion in popularity along with the surge in firearm and ammo sales after the election created the perfect storm. That storm stripped almost every caliber from the shelves. However it was the 380 ACP ammo that was hit the hardest. Finally the supply and demand on 380 ACP returned to normal, and just in time as the pocket pistol market grew even more.

We are comparing the Ruger LCP with the following .380 ACP pistols:
Kahr P380
Taurus TCP
Sig Sauer P238
Kel-Tec P-3AT
Diamondback DB380
Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380

Micro 9 Pistols – Kimber Solo vs Sig Sauer P290 vs Ruger LC9

| Comparisons, Product Info | August 15, 2011

Concealed Carry permits, after the Obama election, were hitting record levels so it makes sense that there would be a big market for concealed carry pistols.  We saw the .380 pistols explode onto the market with the Ruger LCP joining the Kel Tec P-3AT to lead the way until the Sig Sauer P238, Taurus TCP, and Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 jumped into the mix.  A few other players were the Diamondback DB380 and the Kahr P380.  The pocket pistol was a huge success!

However, many people felt the .380 just didn’t pack the punch needed for defensive purposes.  Oh, and there was also that little issue called “A MAJOR SHORTAGE OF .380 AMMUNITION”.  This perfect storm of supply and demand helped to start the micro 9 arms race.

For this comparison we are going to ignore the Kel Tec PF-9, but don’t worry, we will have the PF-9 in a few comparisons to come along with the Diamondback DB9 and Kahr PM9 and Kahr CM9.  For now we wanted to focus on three of the new mass marketed big name micro 9 players.  Thus, the Kimber Solo, Ruger LC9 and the Sig Sauer P290.

There are really so many angles you can take on this: size, price, capacity, etc etc.

We chose to create an image that compares the size and let you make the determination on price.  That said, the RUGER LC9 is MUCH CHEAPER, but also the largest of the three.

Quick Breakdown:

Make / Model Height Length Width Weight Capacity Price
Kimber Solo 3.9 in. 5.5 in. 1.2 in. 17 oz. 6+1 $747.00
Ruger LC9 4.5 in. 6.0 in. .9 in. 17.1 oz. 7+1 $443.00
Sig P290 3.9 in. 5.5 in. .9/1.1 in. 20.5 oz. 6+1 $758.00


Ruger LC9 - Kimber Solo - Sig Sauer P290


Kimber Solo vs Sig Sauer P290 vs Ruger LC9
For additional information you can visit their respective websites:


Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Pistol Comparison

| Comparisons | August 8, 2011

Kahr PM9 vs Ruger LC9 Triggers Aligned Size Comparison

The Kahr PM9 CM9 vs Ruger LC9 micro 9mm pistol size comparison images are rendered with the triggers aligned in one image and set against the x and y axis in the other.

A lot of people requested the Kahr PM9 to be added to our 9mm concealed carry size reviews. First up we put the Kahr PM9 which is the same size as the new Kahr CM9 up against the Ruger LC9. The CM9 is a cheaper alternative to the PM9. You can find additional information on the Kahr PM9/CM9 differences at kahr.com

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