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Ruger LC9 vs Sig P290 vs Kimber Solo 9mm Pistol Comparison

| Comparisons, Product Info | January 12, 2013

Ruger LC9 vs Sig P290 vs Kimber Solo 9mm Pistol Size Comparison

Our Ruger LC9 vs Sig P290 vs Kimber Solo 9mm pistol size comparison image is rendered with the three guns backed up to the y axis and dropped down onto the x axis to best compare the height and length of these 9mm pistols. This image was the very first size comparison image we created.

As the micro-9 pistols started to roll out on the coat tails of the extremely popular .380 ACP pocket pistol market these were the three top dogs.

The big question became, which is better?
Well isn’t that the million dollar question and unfortunately the best answer is, “it depends.”
If price is a big deciding factor, then you want the Ruger LC9.
If you are a huge 1911 fan, then the Kimber Solo is for you.
If you are a sucker “like me” for a bull barrel, then maybe the Sig P290 is your choice.

I am a big fan of everything Ruger so I have a biased opinion, but find myself disappointed because the Ruger LC9 is quite a bit larger than the Sig P290 and the Kimber Solo. When news started to come out that Ruger was designing a 9mm companion for the LCP I pictured something just slightly larger.

The Kimber Solo upon close examination has a grip that’s better designed for larger hands. The grip has a little more real estate, a benefit of designing the trigger guard to sit slightly higher. The Kimber Solo has the grip angle / ergonomics of a 1911. The Sig Sauer P290 and Ruger LC9 follow nearly identical grip angles while the Kimber went with a sharper angle to it’s grip.

Speaking of grips… the P290 has customizable grips in case you need a different fit.

-The price hasn’t been released for the P290 on Sig’s site, but the P238 comes in at $679 plus.
Update: Sig released the price. WOW, EXPENSIVE. Base Two Tone is
$786.00 (290-9-TSS) and the Two Tone with Laser is $828 (290-9-TSS-L).

-It’s official, the Ruger is cheaper, by far!!!!!

We did notice that the measurements do not seem to hold completely true to specs on the Sig and Kimber. We took the images and scaled them to proper dimensions, but it became apparent that there was a very minor discrepancy in the dimensions. That said, it is by just less than 0.1 inch. Regardless, both the Sig P290 and Kimber Solo were still noticeably smaller than the Ruger LC9.

We have included the measurements of the Ruger LCP below, as a reference.

Brand————Height (inches)—–Length (inches)—Price
Ruger LC9————4.5 inches———-6.0 inches——-$443
Sig Sauer P290——-3.9 inches———-5.5 inches——–$786
Kimber Solo———–3.9 inches———-5.5 inches——-$725
Ruger LCP————3.6 inches———-5.16 inches——-$373

Ruger LC9 vs Sig P290 vs Kimber Solo 9mm Pistol Size Comparison

Ruger LC9 vs Sig P290 vs Kimber Solo

Ruger’s Website Link
Kimber’s Website Link
Sig Sauer’s Website Link

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